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With an mba from claremont and a fashion design degree from parsons, polpat has worked in new york for the likes of giorgio armani and maxmara as well as interned for marc jacobs before his return to thailand. Polpat asavaprapha wears many hats. The founder of asavagroup juggles his many responsibilities from being the restauranteur, president of bangkok fashion society (bfs), columnist to mentor of the face thailand. He reflects his style convictions with grace speaking through all creations. With a goal and clear visions in mind, polpat drives asavagroup with gentle hands and timeless elegance.

As a formidable lifestyle institution, ASAVA Group’s entities include luxurious thoughtful Asava, lavishly youthful ASV, stylistically functional Uniform by ASAVA and gourmet innovation paradise Sava Dining.

Founder Polpat Asavaprapha pours his lifelong passions and unwavering beliefs into sculpturing Asava Group to stand for conscious, mindful living and timeless class with ease and conviction embodied in our designs and creations.

he core product of Asava Group is our “soul”. It is the kind of soul that inspects entire life meanings, prides itself on intelligence and compassion and constant style evolution that encapsulate changes, times and opinions. Asava Group’s constructivist augmentations travel through long lasting, substantial ideas translated into its passion-based products that embrace genuine grace and self-realization.

At Asava Group, even styles do not remain as they constantly evolve,
but sturdy core beliefs, firm ways of thinking and strong hearts persist and triumph.​

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