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The registration and on-line your account.

Do I will created the account to buy product with company or not?

Yes, you creating your account for not fill up the details every time when you need to product order with us, you can registration at the first time or you will start to buy product and creating account after you pay the products price, you can registration by Click here

What will I do? When I forget passwords, or unable passwords?

If you forget your passwords, or any problem with your password, you Click here to set up new password.

To purchase order product.

How I can purchase order?

You can purchase order in general form, or creating account, apply to be products membership with us in order to obtain several benefit, you take a few minutes, register, in order to fill your details.

Start to buy the products?

1. If you know, your search, you can start to choose products by search from products section such as shorts trouser women, you can see new products, from new menu products, or discount products from menu on website, if you have any your mind products, whether search from anywhere, easy way by printing, words, or products need, on the box to search, on our website.
2. If you found your products need to buy, choose size, color and the number you want, and click on the button, put into basket.
3. You can click on the button, see products basket, in order to see the products in your basket or button payment, when success your products order.
4. If you satisfy your products in your basket, please fill information, channel to the payment completed in order to the company, will delivery your products, if you need access into information system products delivery set up start  from your account, by you can change data completed, for information basket your products, if you change your mind, you can mark by cross, in order to deleted from the basket.
5. After finished this process, you will received e-mail to confirm, purchase order status.

How can I pay the products?

The company has many channel to pay, we focus to safety and protection your private data.
         1. To transfer the money by bank account, after transfer the money by bank account of company, you need to “confirm the transfer”.
         2. Pay-Pal.

How I can follow my products status?

You can follow your products with us, by received of Track Number, which will send to confirm delivery, or  you can access the system to check purchase history your products, please follow your products status below.
         1. DHL Click here
         2. Thailand Post Click here

I have made purchase order already, I can correct or cancel my products or not?

If you need to change or cancel products order (add, change address, delivery form, and more or cancel the products) please contact the company within 1 hour, after making the purchase order, please contact to Customer Service Department, every Monday-Friday  time  9.00 – 18.00  (time in Thailand).

Size and products stock

I can order the products from website, while don’t have in the stock or not?

You can order to purchase the products in the stock at the present only, however, normally the company will add the products in the website regularly, please check before order.

Do you have a schedule size?

Click here   to see size our schedule.

Promotion and coupon discount

I have promotion password, how I can use?

You can type promotion code or discount coupon in the promotion code or discount coupon in the part of “sum up of purchase order” in the payment channel and click on the button “adjust” in order to change the products in the purchase items, if you don’t change here, the company will be adjust or change after.

Transportation and to  products delivery

When I order the products, when I will received the products.

When the company received order from your payment, within 3-5 days for preparation products delivery, duration for in-house and international different period as follow:
         – Products delivery within Thailand take time 3-7 days work.
         – International  delivery take for 7-14 days work

Do I have to pay customs and import tax or not?

The customs pay or import tax will call only one time, when the parcel destination, this cost will pay by the destination parcel received, how every the company can’t control, this cost, and can’t giving about the cost, because of the policy of Customs house, and import tax different in each country.

The company advise, you can ask information from the office of consular in your country, about the expense present, before order, in order to you will not surprise for unexpected expenses.

When my products will delivery?

After your products delivery, you will received e-mail to confirm products, delivery, with track number to follow your status products  Click here

To return and products change

I will return the products or how to change the products?

The company will not received the products return, but can’t change the product in case of the mistake delivery, incorrect order only, such as fail to the type, mistake color, size mistake, by the products as the same original, such as price label, must be in the same condition which you will return within 7 days after received the products, you can request the form of product change  Click here  then send it back to

         Asava Co.,Ltd. (Head Office)
         1, 1/1, 1/2 Soi Sukhumvit 45 (Suksamer),
         North KlongTon, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

By the cost of product change delivery, the company will responsible such above cost, by transfer the cost to you, please record and keep the evidence delivery by post or the other delivery service reference your document, when occur the problem, in case of the company doesn’t received the parcel or your products, the company will not change the products, but no size, or no color, as your need, the customer service will contact to you.

In case of you mis-order, then the company will send the correct order which received from you, the company will not return for the change every case.  Please check the purchase order or your products before confirm the order.

The company has quality teamwork, oversee the products environment, by all products will be check the type, form, color and size correct to the order in details before delivery.

About technique

How can I do? If I have any problem with our website browser internet?

Our customer, Please make sure, you are download new update version of internet browser, which will be able show the content on our website correctly, if you have any problem, please contact our Customer Service Department.


I am customer, how can I contact to you?

If you have any question or any problem, please contact to Customer Service Department, by the following:
        1. Send information, by fill the details in the form on-line  Click Here       
        2. Send e-mail  address: shopping@asavagroup.com
        3. Telephone  02-662-6526-7  extend 45  (Monday – Friday  09.00 น. – 18.00  Thailand)

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