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Asava, founded by Moo-Polpat Asavaprapha, celebrates its 15th Anniversary with the spectacular fashion event ‘Asava 15th Anniversary’ signifying a Love Letter to all women who have inspired the brand. The breathtaking show, organised at Nai Lert Park, implicitly illustrated the convergence of fashion and music.

From then till now, Asava’s core values still remain. The house believes that the genuine elegance is an echo of one’s originality and attitude. In turn, it becomes the brand’s philosophy portraying simplicity and gracefulness.

Polpat Asavaprapha, the founder of Asava, said ‘On the occasion of Asava 15th Anniversary,  I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude through this heartfelt fashion show, considered as a ‘Love Letter’ from us  to each and every woman including my mom, the most important lady in my life, clients, friends, supporters and all ladies who have inspired my creations throughout the past 15 years.’

‘Not only did the show present the brand’s authenticity, innovation and craftsmanship but It also showcased the exquisite design of finest Thai silk fabrics from Pak Thong Chai and Jim Thompson to celebrate and promote Thai heritage in the collection. With that being said, the show featured more than 40 looks, the custom made designs exclusively for this celebration, portraying the brand’s signature silhouettes namely One-shoulder, Cape dress, Trench dress, Pantsuit along with the key detail such as Draping, The use of contrast elements and The use of Stripe, the house’s signature material.’ said Mr. Asavaprapha.

The show narrated the story of the house of Asava into four acts: The Forbidden Dream, The Origin of the Brand, The Resilience to the Realization and The Future, presented through four songs.

Act I (Prelude)
Song : Forbidden Colours by Ryuichi Sakamoto
The story began with a boy whose childhood dream was all about fashion. However, his dream seemed to be forbidden as it was a taboo in the society a few decades ago.

Act II
Song : Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears
The song took us back to the origin of Asava, when a resolute dream of establishing the brand came to reality. It portrayed the strong and unwavering beliefs that laid the foundation of Asava, where soul is the very essence of the brand.

Song : Sweet dreams by Eurythmics
A dreamlike journey has been awakened by reality. In this part, the dream and the over the moon feeling of owning and creating the brand had been interrupted by challenges ; just like a sweet dream that must come to an end. In order to grow, the brand must relentlessly adapt, develop and evolve.

Act IV (Epilogue)
Song : There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) by Eurythmics
After years of facing challenges and obstacles, surrounded by love and support, there is a group of people who have been supportive and have become Asava’s endless inspiration, standing by us all along. The show concluded with a deep sense of gratitude for being supported and surrounded by these friends, customers and everyone who are such Angels to us.

‘Equally importantly, when it comes to the venue of Asava 15th anniversary show, Nai Lert Park is the one and only venue that I can think of as I have sentimental memories with this place. This magnificent urban sanctuary means a lot to me. It is the place that shaped me into a person who I am today, including my creations at Asava. Therefore, we’ve transformed the garden of Nai Lert Park into a fashion runway to unveil our special collection as well as to reflect and honor the beginning of Asava. Moreover, the refined Thai heritage of the place also provides a perfect reflection of the brand’s subtle elegance and the intent to drive forward the contemporary Thai fashion and creative industry to the wider international audiences.’  Asava’s founder concluded.

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