Since 2008, Asava hasn’t wavered from its initial aim of bringing the reinterpretations of classical timelessness to modern women thriving in a fast-paced world. But as the brand successfully progresses, Asava also expands to accommodate wider, authentic, and intelligent platforms that reflect the souls of Asava women. With a constantly refreshed outlook, Asava takes pride in delivering permanent beauty through time-tested construction and fine materials.
Sophistication is deeply ingrained in Asava’s philosophy. Classic elements undergo new contexts to arrive at implied, redefined elegance for the sole purpose of self-fulfillment. Asava adds a dash of boldness to custom finesse, drawing inspiration from strong, worldly women. Asava strongly believes that timeless silhouettes, delicate designs, classic cuts, and high-quality materials enable women to get more out of life. Never too seasonal, each of Asava’s collections has spirited twists to keep moving forward. Still strictly adhering to our philosophy of urbanism, sophistication, and realistic living, Asava also injects new conceptual mindscapes for each new collection. This deliberate practice encourages women to develop their own distinct style.
At Asava, clothes should never be a confusing obsession or pointless possession; they should be a platform for women to address their individuality and desire as well as their strength. Muted style is the loudest declaration of self-contentment and appreciation.

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