Uniforms by Asava
As a dedicated unit, Uniforms by Asava delves into the world of style forward professionalism that sweeps comfort, functionality, uniqueness and creativity onto the same working plateau.
Entrusted by the extensive client list, which includes Bangkok Airways, Sansiri, Unilever and Kempinski among many famous others, Uniforms by Asava crafts uniformity via individuality without foregoing Asava’s design philosophy and integrity. The unit believes that each organization has its own soul as well as its own corporate culture, and those are the two core elements infused in every batch of uniforms designed. Not only considering each organization’s messages, Uniforms by Asava also inspects required practicality and mobility dictated by on the job specifications to deliver ultimate happiness through thoughtful designs.
Conde Nast has also recognized Uniforms by Asava for Bangkok Airways in the same breathe of Saint Laurent, Pucci and La Croix.