Behind asava


          Polpat Asavaprapha felt a void needed to be filled in Thai fashion. A mission firmly in mind, he established ASAVA in 2008, and the brand hasn’t wavered from its original aim of bringing the reinterpretations of classical timelessness to modern women thriving in the fast paced world. Taking a gradual yet sure footstep, ASAVA has never been about flash, but fully operates on dedication and understanding of a psychologically urban lifestyle and what life demands from a strong, independent woman of today who thrive in a bustling metropolitan city or a quaint town. ASAVA champions style, comfort and adaptability in order to assist women to have a well rounded, 360-degree life of career, family, relationships, adventures and personal luxury. Sophistication is deeply ingrained in ASAVA’s philosophy. For ASAVA, trends come and go, but style is long lasting and a lifetime passion. Classical elements undergo new contexts to arrive at implied, redefined elegance in a sole purpose of self- fulfillment. Inspired by powerful, worldly women, ASAVA adds in a hint of boldness onto bespoken finesse. Truly comprehending the needs to be constantly on the move and ongoing role switches, ASAVA designs garments that are also practical, fitting to wear from an early morning to a late night. ASAVA strongly believes that timeless silhouettes, delicate designs, classic cuts and high quality materials enable women to get more out of life. Never too seasonal, each of collection of ASAVA cooperates spirited twists just to keep moving forward. Still strictly adhering to our philosophy of urbanism, sophistication and realistic living, ASAVA also injects new conceptual mindscapes for each new collection. As we progress, playfulness is more pronounced as well as keen attentions to fine details. With refreshed outlook, ASAVA prides ourselves in delivering permanent beauty through time tested structure and fine materials —offered at a reasonable price. Any ASAVA piece breathes a life of its own, waiting to be coupled off with other items. This deliberate practice is an encouragement for women to develop their own distinct style. At ASAVA, clothes are reflections of inner beauty, strong characters and cultural stance. They should never be a confusing obsession or pointless possession, but they should be a platform for women to address their individuality and desire as well as strength. Muted style is the loudest declaration of self-contentment and appreciation. As Polpat often says: “Don’t be fashionable. Just be.”


          Polpat Asavaprapha wears many hats. The founder and creative director of ASAVA juggles his many responsibilities from columnist to restaurateur with grace and class which also reflects his style convictions speaking through. With an MBA from Claremont and a fashion design degree from Parsons, Polpat had worked in New York for the likes of Giorgio Armani and Maxmara as well as interned for Marc Jacobs before his return to Thailand. With a goal and clear visions in mind, Polpat drives ASAVA and ASV with gentle hands and timeless elegance.