Spring & Summer 2013

asv Spring/Summer 2013
Vintage # Dots and Stripes
During the warm summer, it is girls’ dream of spending their vacation in style on a cruise along the deep blue ocean.  This idea inspired Polpat Asavapraha, director of asv, to convey stories from his latest trip to the Hawaiian islands onto the new fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2013 "Voyage # Dots and Stripes" which is sporty, sexy and fun, yet manifests a hint of elegance. Also, it reflects upon the lifestyle and the spirit of the cruise on a vibrant daytime and the enigmatic nighttime suitable for energetic and fun-loving young women.
Motif & Print
Since the summer cruise is the underlying concept, the signature print for this collection is an image of a boat modified into rich and colorful geometric patterns. Polpat Asavapraha has designed a range of graphic prints using the boat as the main element for the entire collection from a little boat during the daytime sailing amongst the blue sky that is set to travel through the mystical nighttime surrounded by dark blue settings.  When looking into the details of these prints, the major components are dots and stripes galvanised by Impressionism, which add dimensions and uniqueness to this asv collection.
Look & Silhouette

Sport & Feminine :
During daytime when agility and stylishness are essential, the asv women would stand out in a cropped sleeveless shirt adorned with stripes revealing her waist of which paired with a pair of shorts, or in a bustier top with a striped tube skirt with a tuxedo jacket thrown over her shoulders. Alternatively, a bustier top would also go perfectly with a pair of bell-bottoms, or perhaps they'd choose a striped sheath dress in boat graphic prints creating a casual look that is also practical, agile and yet chic.
Sexy & Elegant :
In the evening, it’s a desire for the asv women to look remarkable and elegant with an enigmatic touch. They’d wear a dark blue bustier top with a high-cut skirt revealing her toned legs and topped with a white tuxedo jacket with black lapels. Alternatively, the asv women may choose a short dress revealing her back or a black sleeveless jumpsuit with a high-cut which flawlessly portrait the sexiness and playfulness of an asv women during the night.
Fabric & color
As this season tells a story of a dream journey, the fabrics that are used for this collection possessed numerous details. The fabrics include a fine-blended silk, sandy-crepe fabric, Georgette silk, jersey and high quality cotton.  The main colours are black, white and blue with an addition of a brighter palette like fuchsia, light yellow and light blue.  A mixture of light colours and dark colors will build on dimensions to a greater extent.
A Pinch of Extra
In addition to the clothes, to cater to the demands of new generations, Polpat Asavaprapha will be introducing accessories by applying the daytime and nighttime prints onto scarves, bags and shoes specifically designed for this collection.