ASV Spring/Summer’17 collection
‘Margaux Louise Hemingway’
            The memorable life pursuing journey of Margaux Hemingway, the grand daughter of one of the greatest American novelists from the 50s Ernest Hemingway, has been chosen to explicate through Asv Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Margaux portrays as an icon for all women who prefer to indulge within the American lifestyles. Her distinctive journey takes us on a time machine back to places infused with the hidden charm of cultural diversity— and for this time, Cuba is the destination.
          As a New Yorker, an unrivaled idealistic character she possesses has been transformed into the heart and soul of this Asv collection which depicts uneasily swayed thoughts and outlooks of Asv’s ideal women who embark on a vibrant journey with the desires for confidence as well as courage to unleash themselves in new adventures. They approach the roots of elements around them and they are always up for new discovery and untold stories.
            The journey of Margaux Hemingway is narrated through the Sailor suit for this Spring/Summer 2017 collection. As she traveled to the Southern Islands in Havana, Cuba, the home of her grandfather, the Sailor uniform has been redesigned to perfectly fit women with passion of traveling. Havana collar sprinkles the smell of an inspiriting summer sea breeze with the silhouette of Shawl collar. Cropped jacket together with short pants recreate the look for an explorer wanders in exciting journeys. A one-shoulder and off-shoulder top pair with Culottes, Ruffle dress, or Overalls draw an alluring picture of ASV women —  enchanting wanderers with class and touchable style whose breath is continued by evocative adventures.
Fabrics & Colors
            An assorted line of textiles has always been key to our collections from lace, chiffon, to feather-like organza which is made up with our brand’s signature stripe whilst our refined knitwear is weaved into Monstera leaves print. Also, the custom-made stripe pattern symbolized the unique self of a woman who inspires the world with her commitment to shine in her own color like Margaux Hemingway. Colors such as black, white, grey, navy, and ivory have always been our brand’s most picks for understated looks while to visualize the journey to Cuba in the beginning of Summer, the use of colors such as Tender peach, Ruby wine, Olive, and Ivy is added to vividly paint this sophisticated adventure. 
Techniques & Details
                Lace layering placed on pinstripe fabric stands as a promising technique to represent a womanly characteristic on a manly textile which brings out a fresh feeling. Also, by using the double fold hem technique as well as bringing out the unique elements from sailor suit such as knot-tie and drawstring, the finishing look becomes an everyday wardrobe. The adornment of sartorial from shoulder straps of sailors is decorated on various parts of the jacket using Pique tape to create the sense of strength within subtle charm. Drama and distinction are also added by fray sleeves and pant legs in this Asv Spring/Summer collection 2017.