Asava Autumn & Winter 2015-16
“Manhattan: The Galaxy of Stars
Days are over and time has elapsed. Each and every experience thus far is a precious lesson that helps us to be more conscious of ourselves as we grow. In many moments of our lives, we often ponder and question the things we do; maybe because we have yet to find answers to those questions.
Asava has once again reflect upon its standpoint, this time only to solidify the brand’s foundation through a philosophy of “Conscious Living” along with denotations like “Intelligence” and “Authentic” 
that will enrich the heart and soul of the Asava women further. These ideologies will forge the Asava women to brace the future with consciousness, acknowledged her past as well as letting it go;
to take that solid and elated pace in life. 
Manhattan, New York City is where the magic happens this season. People said that New York is a place where all the rising stars from everywhere in the world gathered as if it’s a centre of each and every distinctive individuality like no other place else. Manhattan residents are known for their lavish taste of all sorts whether it be their dining experience, music, art, or their finest appearance. 
Ergo, New York City itself is a resemblance of an illuminated galaxy that is filled up by millions of luminous stars that represents the citizens of Manhattan making it a one-of-a-kind setting that couldn’t be unearth elsewhere. These portrayal are translated onto the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection “Manhattan: The Galaxy of Stars” from Asava
Reflections of the urban characteristics of the Asava women were immaculately demonstrated 
through the collection’s key looks wielding one of Asava’s notable silhouette, Trench coat, as the main components into constructing new silhouettes such as basic blouses and straight pants. Another signature of Asava that has to be addressed is the evening gowns that still offer timelessness through quintessential silhouettes as well as being season appropriate at the same time. Significant silhouettes like Mermaid hem and Fit & Flare will enhance the wearer’s foremost assets and heighten a great aplomb of the Asava women flawlessly.
The stories of the galaxy is entwined with the main silhouettes of the collection by means of a reinterpretation of a space suit that prioritizes comfort to the application of evening materials such as sequins or duchess satin to create ready-to-wear pieces that women can function in their everyday routine such as one-shoulder and off-shoulder silhouettes, or even a collarless pantsuit. 
The repercussions are clothes that will elevate the collection’s contemporariness, whilst fulfilling 
the 360 degrees life of the Asava women.

Another distinct singularity is an abundance of fabrics and textures that are carefully selected for each and every silhouette within this collection without any utilization of a graphic print. One of the most vital fabric for the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection of Asava is the custom-made eyelet with the first one being the eyelet that is woven into stars that comes in colors of black and white as a resemblance of the citizens that shine within the city of New York. The second one being the eyelet that is woven into circles that comes in a Cerulean blue color which is a representation of geometric shapes of a celestial body on the sky above us. Last but not least, the sequin fabric is another component that elevates the collection with sparkles almost like the shining stars that makes this galaxy unparalleled. 
Fabrics & Colors
One of Asava’s best known hallmark is the selection of finest fabrics that are incorporated into our collection. This time we have heightened our standards with opulent materials like duchess satin, satin crepe, matte crepe, sandy crepe or even silk chiffon that comes in both solid colors and pinstripes. 
Also, fabrics such as jersey and polyester will reflect the essence of the season naturally and 
unite the collection as a whole.
The ideologies like timeless, contemporary, and classic were flourished within the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection from Asava. When it comes to the selection of color palette, quintessential shades like white, black, beige, and navy are in existence together with cold hues such as cool grey, honeydew, lavender, and slate grey as well as warm hues like pink, rose quartz, and scarlet red. The balance of colors has demonstrated the season’s appropriateness through approachable color ways that are versatile for the Asava women’s well-rounded lifestyle. 
Techniques & Details
The key detail of this season is the utilization of a hardware, eyelet, that has been embraced with signature techniques of Asava like draping and folding in order to modernize the collection’s key silhouette - the one shoulder silhouette. Together with accustomed techniques such as rope pining and knot-tie that are clearly evident on each and every creation within this collection. Additionally, stripes is one of the key techniques that are brought about in all of our collections; this season stripes is manifested by means of color blocking and material blocking whether it be the black and white stripes eyelet fabric or 
the circle eyelet fabric and sequins that will enhance the classic ready-to-wear pieces effortlessly.
Those details will depict Asava’s individuality that cannot be found anywhere else. Hence, it is nothing short of the countless stars that illuminates the jet black sky to create this beautiful galaxy that you could catch a glimpse of in the Asava Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection “Manhattan: The Galaxy of Stars”