ASV Spring & summer 16
“The Social Club”
The rise of Café Society, a convene of artists from all kinds whether it be aristocrats, actors or poets that excels in their expertise as well as mindsets and style, together these individuals will exchange notions and carouse amongst themselves in the Speakeasies scattered around the Harlem neighborhood in the city of New York.
Hence, the main influence for the Spring/Summer 16 collection from Asv were drawn and refined from the society’s environment through ideologies and creative mindsets that were reflected through stories that is narrate throughout the collection. Also, bringing about the solitary arts from the 1920 like ‘Surrealism Art’ and ‘Art Deco-inspired Architectures’ to incorporate within the collection to heighten the collection with high spirits and making it accessible to a wider audience through simple silhouettes and prints — creating yet another celebrated collection for the classic Asv women.
Offering basic silhouettes that stand a test of time is one of the signatures Asv has always choose to exhibit throughout our every collection. This season, Asv has chosen to reinterpret those classic moments through an adornment of prominent details of the collection onto new bearings through an influence of two major styles from the 20’s of which are ‘Flapper Style’ that is known to be highly feminine and ‘Feminine x Utilitarian’ style that focuses on the utilities of workwear. Combining with a unique style of Asv that is exceptionally known for pieces that helps shape the body of the wearer to create a long & lean silhouette. As well as creating new key looks such as Tuxedo Pantsuit or a Parka jacket that can be mix & match with other equally wearable pieces to create sophistication whilst maintaining its own one-of-a-kind touch — perfect for every Asv women who seeks the centre stage when decking out in a total look or even when combining with other basic pieces that goes perfectly with your every function.
The artistry of our signature print for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is greatly influenced by the sensation of Art Deco that is throughly perceivable on the architectures of the 1920 and the masterpiece of Surrealist artists from the same era for the likes of Salvadore Dalí and Max Ernst. Additionally, the classic print that were used in fashion at the time were also reinterpret and recreate into a timeless print ‘Vertical Stripes’ that reflects the modernity of today as well as combining the past together to perfection with a tint of White, Flamingo Pink, and Sapphire Blue.
Fabrics & Colors
For this collection of Asv, the brand has decided on a section of fabric that answer to your every function under the summer heat from cotton stripes to printed chiffon to jersey or Asv’s signature knit that featured perforated chevron details for this season. Together with an introduction of another notable fabric which is custom-made lace that has been specifically woven to create a repeated palm trees pattern which is galvanized by the components of Surrealism Art. Thus, this inspiration has been taken into further consideration of the color palette employed within this collection with special tones like Army Green, Celadon Green, Honeydew, and Mustard that stood out amongst a sea of classic tones like Black & White, Ivory, and Navy Blue.
Techniques & Details
One of the essential techniques for this collection is the ‘Knot-tie’ technique which has been embraced onto different positions or even on accessories such as turbans or slingbacks — Thus, fulfilling the collection with great depths. As well as bringing about fundamental techniques that has been practice in a new light for example pleating, draping, material & color blocking, and piqué piping along with state-of-the-art details of bow-tie and drawstrings that are evident on different key looks throughout the Spring/Summer 16 collection of Asv.