ASV Spring & Summer 2015
“The Hippie Ingénue”

The never ending self-discovery of the ASV women goes on and yet still narrate how much venturing out to new places means to oneself. Hence, this time it is not a physical traveling but rather a journey of her mind to unveil the curiosities in life. This time she stumbled upon a photobook containing the vivid memories of her family’s journey to the desert in 1970, it was more fascinating than she could ever imagined. The story is told through photographs one
after another, it is somehow very relatable to the turns of events she is experiencing. It seems she could not let her eyes off the photos and with her ferocious imaginations, her mind took her somewhere else; somewhere she desired to see.

The aftermath is a realization that self-discovery does not always come from knowing what the future is all about, but by looking back at the past and applying it to the present moment to proceed onto a new chapter of your life. The impression created is translated onto the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection from ASV.


The remarkable style of the 70’s is the main influence of the ASV Spring/Summer 2015 Collection as demonstrated on the classic silhouettes of our Key Look which is a Double-breasted Blazer that features a belt with fringe-detailing which is paired with a matching flared trousers. The inspirations are taken from the effortlessness of Loungewear with
its unique loose silhouette and versatility, yet still very practical at the same time. Hence, it is proposed as a signature silhouette for this collection along with quintessential silhouettes of ASV for instance ‘Straight’ and ‘Tapered’ silhouette for skirts and pants.

Classic Tailoring is another fundamental technique used within this collection together with the precision craftsmanship of a ‘Knot-tie’ detail. The technique was inspired by how travelers wrap their possessions while exploring the great desert. The detail are apparent throughout the collection for example at the back of an EVENING GOWNDescription: http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png, at the sleeves or even at the hem of shirts as well as pants.

The main print for this collection is created by bringing the symbol of the 70’s era, the ‘Bandana’ print, and simplifying  it by drawing only the key components of the classic pattern such as ‘Paisley’ and ‘Border’ details and effortlessly
blended a horse motif, a trademark of ASV, within the print to construct a signature print for the ASV Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. This season the print is offered with colorways that are a combination of classic and contemporary hues for instance White and Salmon Pink to Columbia Blue and Cobalt Blue.

Fabrics & Colors

This season ASV has chosen to work with custom-made eyelet as the focal technique, the eyelet is specially woven into a paisley shape which is a continuing inspiration from the ‘Bandana’ Print. Along with an extensive range of fabric offerings such as Satin, Striped Jersey, Mesh and Knit are presented within the collection as usual.

With regards to the color palette, classic shades such as White, Black, Beige, Navy, and Dove Grey still remains as classic staples to ASV. As well as, the application of special shades such as Powder Blue, Jade, Cobalt Blue, and Salmon Pink provided the perfect punch for this Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Techniques & Details

The re-creation of “Stripes” is the signature technique proposed for the ASV Spring/Summer 15 Collection. The technique is executed by stitching fringe on top of mesh in order to create an optical illusion that forms a pattern.

Moreover, exquisite artisanal techniques like draping and embroidery are also apparent within the collection which has enhanced the femininity of the collection effortlessly and true to ASV’s identity.