Asv Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection
“2 Little Words 1 Big Concept
This Autumn, asv takes you to another chapter by exploring at the words representing the idea behind asv’s autumn/winter 2018 collection—Soulmate, 2 little words 1 big concept. When it comes to this word, most people would think of it in terms of romantic, someone who is holding the key to your heart or a person whom you have a feeling of deep affinity with. Soulmate can also be friends, relatives or anythings; they don’t always have to be romantic partners. It has no concrete definition but the feeling completed and connected. Your soul will know deep inside that this particular person or thing are meant for you and no one else in the world.
The concept of finding the soulmate is inspired by, Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the groundbreaking series Sex and the City. This show is not just about fashion but dealing with female liberation and empowered women, giving visibility to what considered taboo at that time when it first aired in 1998. This year also marks 20th Anniversary of the phenomenon SATC has created towards society. It’s the old idea that fashion is something that disempowers women and here Bradshaw is a woman who is empowered. Her style is a powerful statement. Bradshaw’s eclectic mix of upper east side elegance and downtown street style push her style to another level. She proves that fashion can be an extension of who you are, the representation of your soul. Every Item of clothing you wear says about you and speaks to you. Once you find the right one, there is no other choice that matters. If you can’t find one, this collection is definitely your, 2 little words 1 big concept, ‘Soulmate’.
Channeling Carrie’s self confidence and willingness to give any look a go, asv’s autumn/winter  2018 collection offers a wide range of silhouettes from those go well with playful activity such as one-shoulder, tracksuit and trench coat to appropriate modern-feminine silhouettes like flared and midi length skirt, and cape blouse. The signature silhouette like wrap dress is combined with a masculine shirt dress to create the powerful yet alluring pieces for asv’s woman.
Fabric & Color
Various sorts of fabric are put together to the collection from the mannish fabrics such as Glen plaid fabric and stripe fabric, to the fabrics that exude the ladylike feeling like tulle and lace that appeared as the signature fabric of asv. And to make the whole collection shines a bit more sparkle, velvet fabric and navy sequin fabric have been chosen to complete the adventurous and daring mind of asv woman.
This season presents metropolitan vibe through the brand’s classic shades like off white, black navy and olive green, together with the feminine color palette such as Sunkist Coral Pink, Ruby Wine Red and Sunshine Yellow. To give off the autumn atmosphere, Apricot orange and nostalgia rose violet are also appointed as the color palette for asv autumn/winter 2018 collection.
Techniques & Details
Offering a modern silhouette with a fun twist, this time asv places together the contrast, ladylike detail such as ruffle, tulle pleat and grosgrain lace trim inlayed at the cuffs on to the basic silhouette as featured in tulle parka with grosgrain trim. Asv’s signature pieces like tracksuit and trench coat are decorated with piping detail and multicolor grosgrain to bring the subtle charm and attractiveness to everyday wardrobe.