ASV Autumn & Winter 2015-16
“NYC Constructivism”
“She chose to go forth with her decision, and trusted her instinct without doubt.”
 This is the repercussion of her story when the last page of her book was flipped over. By welcoming new perceptions to life, a realization that our feelings are actually what matters and that it is consequential for you to listen to your own voice when the turns of life doesn’t go as pretty as you might have imagined.

 These impressions are translated as the heart and soul of the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection
from ASV. The concepts of an art movement, Suprematism, which consider feelings and emotions in making art without contemplating neither reasons nor appropriateness. The concept is employed as the main inspiration of this collection. Combining with influences from another art movement, Constructivism, the origin of many world-renowned contemporary art movements such as Bauhaus and De Stijl. Components of basic geometric forms such as triangles, squares, circles and crosses as well as graphic lines are incorporated into a story that is told through each and every creation within this collection
to create a new look for the ASV women.
This season by looking back at what we do best, we are proud to put forward our all-time classic silhouettes, double-breasted blazer, which is paired with a straight trousers to showcase this season’s 
key looks along with other significant silhouettes such as a velvet robe or a long-sleeve jumpsuit
 that was inspired by an aviator’s uniform from the beginning of World War I. All the details within this Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection has demonstrated a flair of masculinity that has exhibit 
an evolvement of maturity through style.
Likewise, loungewear’s silhouette and versatility were utilized to enhance the brand’s entity through the expression of the ASV Autumn/Winter 2015-16  “NYC Constructivism” through story-telling of copious silhouettes such as a pleated circle skirt or a printed shirt dress together with ageless silhouettes like cigarette trousers, a straight skirt, a tapered skirt, and many more. To elevate the collection further, the collection’s main print is also implemented onto key looks that exquisitely enhances the collection.
A timeless pattern, Grid, has been re-interpreted with influences from New York City’s landmark - a landscape of its high-rise buildings against the skyline. The print was re-created from the Constructivism and Suprematism art’s point of view that relies on feelings and emotions of its creator. The grid pattern has been muted leaving only vertical and horizontal lines in shades of black and white overlapping each other, then bubblegum pink and cobalt blue goes on top of the monochrome lines. The end result is an asymmetrical print that resembles the windowpanes and mirrors of New York City’s skyscrapers.
Another key print is the Night Windows, prompted by the works of artist, Jorge Colombo. The aftermath is another rendition of the classic grid that has been rearranged to create the namesake city’s skyline at nightfall for the ASV Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection.

Fabric & Colors
The undertaking of selecting exceptional fabrics is still one of the most decisive components we consider as our essence when designing our every collection. For the coming autumn/winter, we pay very close attention on materials that truly reflects the season with appropriate characteristics such as velvet, jersey, printed chiffon, burned velvet and ASV’s signature knit - marled yarn and lurex that were weaved into stripes were introduced as a signature knitwear that expresses an entity of ASV 
in new perspectives for each and every season.
This season ASV still revolves around classic hues like white, black, beige, navy, and dove grey. With addition of special hues such as cerulean blue, pink, and cobalt blue has been incorporated into the collection effortlessly. Also the integration of burgundy and teal that adds cohesion as well as making the whole collection season appropriate.
Techniques & Details
The leading techniques for this season, ASV has chosen to interpret the details found on an aviator’s uniform for instance epaulet, belt detailing, and piping which are then implemented as components that could be perceived throughout the collection. Moreover, the manipulation of gold buttons and a circle brooch that is specially made for this season strengthens the inspirations from uniforms in the periods of World War I enhances the masculinity of the collection to perfection. Equally, additional details such as frayed hems and the application of piqué on our creations to create graphic lines has contrives great depths to the collection. Whilst the femininity of our creations is translated through techniques of
draping, twisting, and cut-out effortlessly and true to ASV’s identity.