Asv Autumn/Winter 2016-17
‘Boys on the Side’

         Formation of social groups has occurred long before our days. Hence, passing on certain principles or ideologies that isn’t conventional especially when a woman is the start of it all. This season, Asv, has chosen to depict our outlook towards this notion through a story relating to a group of all-women college under the name ‘Seven Sisters’  that has aimed to set new standards for women through wayward standpoint and behavior. These women oversee actions that has solicit equality within the society as well as forming social groups that women can express their freedom of speech, smoke cigarettes and dressed themselves in menswear - all of which are a taboo for women at the time.
These exploration of equity and consolidating women’s grounds are the essence that makes the Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection ‘Boys on the Side’ as a sentiment of values for the Asv women.
The immaculate style of the ‘Seven Sisters’ is narrated through refined details and signatures of Asv. By bringing the group’s key silhouette, the suit jacket, whilst keeping in mind the versatility which is the vital guide to their style and interpret under the brand’s light. Together, Asv has developed a series of silhouettes that breathe a contemporary flair thus still proclaimed a preppy style. A cropped jacket, one-shoulder top, and culottes —These highlighted pieces are the transition from day-to-night that works on their own as a ready-to-wear pieces or together to echo the collection’s key looks such as a capri pantsuit with belt-detailing or a contrast stitching one-shoulder top that is paired with matching culottes.
Fabrics & Colors
A meticulous lineup of textiles made up this collection from polyester blend, cotton jersey, and cotton lace. Also an understated pinstripe print that make its way onto a myriad of fabrics that portrait both masculinity and femininity altogether like silk chiffon and cotton blend rayon. For this season, a custom-made lace are  weaved into stars which symbolizes the all-american style as well as adding depths and youthful-vibe to the creations from Asv through a palette of revisited colors like white, black, beige and navy. Along with fall hues of Ruby Wine, Ink, Dusty Orange and highly feminine shades like Adobe Rose and Peach Parfait to balance the collection out with sophistication thus being season-appropriate.
Techniques & Details
Contrast stitching and contrast piping to star lace appliqué marked their stands as promising techniques within the collection. By drawing techniques inspired by the past such as knot-tie or draping and putting a contemporary spin on them using modern-day details like a belt with gold-accent hardware, ruffles, pleats and bows has made a the collection more relatable to the Asv women. Also, an adornment of sartorial details from grosgrain, velvet, and lace has made every creations within the Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection from Asv a necessity to your everyday wardrobe.