Asava Spring/Summer 18 collection
Among the fast-forwarding trends and ways of living, things move restlessly without having time to concentrate to their core. Everything is either fast coming or fast going. For Asava, instead of following the horizontal way of producing fashion, our philosophy in timelessness and simplicity are translated through the new perspective, vertical. To be at vertical point, moving in vertical direction, means deeply extracting and returning to the core. Aiming to captures the inner value and the essence of woman whose intellect and thought reflects through her opulent yet serene style, Spring/Summer 2018 collection is depicted as subliminal message, below the threshold of sensation or consciousness, expressing not only fashion but also the soul and thinking process of contemporary woman. Subliminal collection, therefore stands as the subconscious stimuli, which one is not fully aware, but which influences one's actions and feelings.
This collection revisits shape and proportion of timeless silhouette to create the blending of contemporary silhouette with classic influence. Asava’s signature can be seen in silhouettes like one-shoulder and cape dress. The sense of femininity is accented through the use of bustier silhouette pairing with A-line skirt and high waist pants. This classic feminine silhouette helps accentuate the curve and body of woman as well as brings back the classic and timelessness to contemporary woman. Embodying the masculine touch, Subliminal also draws the essence of menswear silhouettes such as shirtdress and tailored silhouette to the collection, modernizing it with feminine touch, to create the sense of sophistication and sleek.
Techniques and details
Draping is still one of the prominent techniques that conveys the sense of femininity and subtle attractiveness. Portraying the new perspective of timelessness and classic, the fine detail and delicate cutting are emphasized by an adding of brass buckle. It stands as the key feature emerging throughout the collection. The influence of sportswear is also translated into the embellishment of stripe piping detail, creating contrasting and alluring effects to the collection that transcend every limits and boundaries.
Fabric and color
The classic fabrics that represent brand’s DNA, pinstripe and stripe, are combined with soft and fine texture fabric, Moss Crepe to create the fascinating volume and balance between femininity and masculinity. This collection opts for special fabrics such as Thai silk and Tweed fabric to add more dimensions and juxtaposes different fabrics such as pinstripe pairing with lace to generate a powerful one-of-a-kind feeling to the collection.
As for the color palette, timeless shades like White, Beige, Black and Navy Blue are appointed within the collection once again, along with feminine shades, pink and peach.
Special hues such as Parisian Blue, Ultramarine Green and Haute Red also provide the vividness of summer to the collection.