Asava Spring/Summer’17 collection
A person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly. Someone who lives in the present, understands the way of the world and never lets any social trend, buzz or hype influence her thought, viewpoint, taste and style. Being ‘The Realist’ is about returning to the root and embracing one’s true, authentic self — an identity unaffected by any external influence. 
‘The Realist’ captures the essence of a woman who is true to herself: a smart and sophisticated entity who is well-versed in ways of life, and each and every of her choice a reflection of her innate grace and refinement.
The spirit of being for ‘The Realist’ Asava is moulded from distinctive qualities expressed through sophisticated and refined style — one that is sublime, progressive and unmistakably romantic. 
sub·lime  /səˈblīm/ adj.   Design that is beautiful and timeless. Subtle and yet accessible, the quality of being sublime means accentuating innate grace, and not concealing it with ostentatious clothing. 
pro·gres·sive  /prəˈɡresiv/ adj. Design that looks forward without abandoning its roots. Identity and origins are reinterpreted with a progressive outlook to achieve designs that are classic and timeless. 
ro·man·tic  /rōˈman(t)ik/ adj. A delicate simplicity characterized by clean and modern lines, reflecting an essence of modern femininity where a harmony of strength and gentleness imparts a timeless appeal.
This collection portrays an aspect of timelessness of Silhouette by retaining Asava’s signature of simplified elegant manner through one-shoulder and off-shoulder Silhouettes.  The design of these Silhouettes is believed to be easy to reach and able to capture the desires of every woman; this also includes a V-neck dress and a cape, which is intended to boost up the feminine side of its owner. To add on, the former Asava Signature Silhouettes were redefined in order to create a stronger branding of the new-look Silhouettes, which were made specifically for modern days, and the days, those are yet to come, and also, to serve the needs of Asava’s lifestyles.
Fabric & Colors
The showcase of the prime features of this Spring/Summer 2017 collection is as follows; the cotton lace is combined with specialized custom-made moss crepe together with the finest quality of textiles since we are committed to using materials such as Organza, Polyester, Pinstripe which are known for their feathery and wavy textures.  These materials seem to be a perfect fit for the upcoming season, especially, for the warm breeze, that is yet to come. The selection of classic assortment of shades and colors—Black, white, beige, and navy are immaculately stirred with limited tones such as Blue fog, Desert mist, Acorn, and Moon struck; these items are also available in solid shades and therefore making the collections more interesting and could serve in many occasions.
Techniques & Details
This time around, Asava uses the new technique of Burn-out painting with laser, which helps in creating a unique pattern on the material, however, the original Asava’s signature technique also plays a part in the making process as well, to name a few: Draping, Color Blocking, Contrast Piping, that helps in laying down the importance of the one shoulder Silhouette, which is set to be the main collection. Slash, Trimming and Rope Belt, which defines the simplified, but yet, elegant character of ASAVA women of this Spring/Summer 2017 collection.