Asava Spring & Summer 16
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Asava has always chosen to depict a vision of the distinctive women of New York; Without question, Asava has decide on one of the world’s most famous style icon, Audrey Hepburn, to pivot the collection that revolves around one of the most acclaimed classic novel and film by Truman Capote in 1961 ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The prominent saying by Holly Golightly “How do I look?” still is a classic line for every women in the world whether then or now, and hence the line has also been elevated and comprehended to become the brand’s key influence for the Spring/Summer 16 collection of Asava.
Unifying elements of contemporary and classic is one of Asava’s signature that has driven our every collection to create the ideal Asava women. This time by harmonizing the timeless elegance of ‘Audrey Hepburn’ and modern contemporary through a distinctive masculine style of ‘Emmanuelle Alt’, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, convening a quintessential contrast of femininity and masculinity as well as their cultural differences that affects a sense of style of the Parisian and the Americans. The aforementioned factors are our beliefs and philosophy that contrast fulfill each other and perfectly compliment one another to create a contemporary influence that is the true essence of style. The notion has let to a style essential that envision the ideal Asava woman, a modernist, who displays her values through silhouettes that reflects American Sportswear and graphic lines that enhance confidence of its wearer in the 360 lifestyle of one.
Elements of style of the 60’s and 70’s era has been reinterpret with the aid of an abundance of silhouettes that combines Asava’s signature silhouettes like one-shoulder and cape blouse as well as reinstating the key looks from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ like a LBD (Little Black Dress) which has been modernized with a masculine touch with menswear number such as a tuxedo jacket and pyjamas.
Fabrics & Colors
To showcase the prime features of the spring/summer 2016 collection of Asava by introducing our custom-made lace that is combined with a special woven frayed technique that is made from a fine selection of fabrics that we have always known for whether it be satin crepe, matte crepe, duchess satin, or polyester that has the perfect attributes for the summer weather. The selection offers an assortment of colors from solid hues to pinstripes.
Existing colors in the collection comprises of contemporary hues like black & white, grey and navy that immaculately merge with special hues that indicated the sensation of the classic film and season for instance Tiffany Blue, Emerald Green, Teal as well as season’s pairings such as Baby Pink and Maroon that heighten the depth of the collection while maintaining the ease to mix and match altogether.
Techniques and Details
Draping still is one of the principal techniques that is prominent throughout the collection for every continuing collection from Asava along with wrapping techniques that helps to create key silhouettes and details that conceal flaws and exudes confidence of the Asava women with the highly feminine influences that develop a well-rounded collection. Additionally, color blocking and material blocking are techniques that truly are Asava’s signature are clearly evident within the Spring/Summer 16 collection along with compelling details such as an adornment of metal-tipped bow that garnish the clothes perfectly that has been placed on sleeves or belt loops to heighten the basic pieces whilst maintaining the timeless touch exquisitely. The same goes for the manipulation of a combination of cutting-edge details like frayed hem and fabric placing to develop one-of-a-kind details that emits sophistication and true to Asava’s philosophy.