Asava Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection
Throughout the decade, the ultimate aim of Asava is to propose the notion and meaning of  ‘timeless beauty’ to every woman. For Asava, beauty involves the state of being contented with yourself and the process of thinking. To understand the meaning of timeless is when one realizes the three factors of time, embracing the past, understanding the present and looking forward to the future. And once one’s understanding of self, internal factor, and understanding of the world, external factor, synchronized the true beauty will rise. These factors altogether create the permanent self contentment, the state of being peaceful and serenity from within — solitude.
Asava Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection therefore conveys the significant essence of life, the state of solitude, translated into the moving forward collection as a new chapter of Asava where the main philosophy and belief come with a perfect mix of something new and exciting.
The silhouette of this season includes one-shoulder, off the shoulder, cape blouse, tuxedo dress and pantsuit, all of which define Asava’s identity, along with the modern slouchy silhouette such as cocoon and the mix of couture silhouette like loose-shaped dress with a distinct volume.
Fabric & Colors
One of the prominent fabrics that accentuate this collection is wool fabric that projects the effortless elegance as well as the sense of masculinity. Another key fabric consist of Duchess satin which delivers the exquisite touch and delicate texture. Finally, Asava’s signature fabrics such as stripe and pinstripe are still featured throughout the collection.
The use of warm and earth tone color palette play the leading role in this collection. Beige, brown, grey and champagne are appointed along with the classic shades like white, black and navy. Nevertheless, this season also bring the special colors, Deep Lake green and Orange Gold to add more depth to this autumn color palette.
Techniques & Details
The most distinguish technique in this autumn/winter collection is Ruffle, featured on different silhouettes throughout the collection, namely ruffle skirt, ruffle dress and ruffle blouse. Draping is still one of the key techniques that add the sense of femininity to balance on the masculine silhouette such as pinstripe skirt with ruffle and draping details. Furthermore, this season also introduces the modern detail like oversize bell-shaped cuffs  in order to add more dimensions and volumes to the collection.