Asava Autumn & winter 2014
“Harem Rhapsody”
A song comes on that reminds the women of her exquisite for the Victorian era. The rhythm is stimulating yet beautiful, the lyrics full of emotions and aggression. The tune felt as if it is taking the women on a journey out of her comfort zone, a journey full of new experiences and to unearth inspirations. The cultural differences of the Harlem neighborhood in New York City is nothing like the women have experienced before and this is where a story of "Harem Rhapsody" begins.
Act 1 - The Origin
The Victorian lady set off on a journey to her destination, Harlem, a neighborhood that is greatly influenced by street culture. She is expected to experienced graffiti art, hip hop music and lifestyle to rapper style fashion and accessories.
Act 2 - Hearsay
"A clash of cultures is what I had in mind." The creative director of Asava, Polpat Asavaprapha, addressed his inspirations for Asava Autumn/Winter 14-15 Collection. Bringing together the two polar opposites of style, Victorian and Hip Hop, to continue pushing fashion to new heights and redefining a contemporary style. By modernizing the Victorian silhouette with a touch of sportswear but still keeping that finesse and the signature of Victorian tailoring such as ruffles and pleats. Also bringing out the best of Hip Hop cultures to create new silhouettes and details for the collection such as track pants that is tailored to perfection using the finest silk satin, lace sweatshirts inspired by an American baseball uniform, and a graffiti adorned fabric that is made into a modern day bustier top.
Act 3 - Hip Hop Details
Print: This season Asava has collaborated with a renowned illustrator "Pom Jitpratuk" to create signature prints inspired by the artefacts and architectures within the Harlem neighborhood of New York exclusively for Asava Autumn/Winter 14-15 Collection. The signature prints are the graffiti print and the portrait of a lady print.
Accessories: Another signature gimmick for Asava is accessories, this time to further enhance the spirit of Hip Hop Asava is introducing a rapper style gold accessories such as bracelets, portrait of a lady coin necklace to 5 alphabet rings that spells A.S.A.V.A
Act 4 - Fabrics and Colors
Yet again using a variety of finest fabrics like Duchess silk, custom-made jacquard, cotton blend lace, and a signature blend sportswear fabric. The same goes for the color palette with bright hues like blue, pink, mint as well as classic monochromes like black and white to strengthen the silhouette and the collection as a whole.
Act 5 - Signature Techniques 
Blocking played a big part in the construction of the Asava Autumn/Winter 14-15 Collection. Techniques for instance color blocking and material blocking were used to create sportswear-esque graphic lines and also mimicking graffiti techniques. Also combining intriguing details like pleating and drawstrings to create a new dimensions to the garments.