Asava Autumn/Winter 16-17
‘The Eye has to Travel’

       Venturing out to new places will always be one’s greatest discovery for as long as humans can remember. The basis of the Asava Autumn/Winter 16-17 collection encloses the impression of Mind Traveling — by instructing oneself with cultural and historical discoveries through a series of curated photographs and articles on the pages of a magazine. And somehow these stories managed to left us in awe every time. It was then by the hands of Diana Vreeland, one of the greatest fashion editor of time who was remembered for her eclectic style and her foresight that differs her from others in her generation. And now through the eyes of Caroline Issa, who reflects the true identity of the modern Asava women through her effortless flair, career achievements and cultural diversities.
Trotting in their own one-of-a-kind style inspired by visits to destinations beyond one’s wildest dreams are what both Diana and Caroline have in common. Thus, their exploration seeks to widen the horizons of women all over the world. And hence these milestones has led to a realization that we simply are just a small component of this world and it is essential that one must reconcile oneself to the ever changing society in order to live a conscious life in style true to the ideals of Asava — adhering to the principles of  less is more.
This season Asava has embraced the concepts of ready-to-wear and evening wear together to create silhouettes that are the transition to the 360 degree lifestyle one may encountered. The results are a series of contemporary silhouettes and details such as an evening strapless jumpsuit, a layered daywear, an elongated train or a mermaid hem. Adding on revisited winter structures like fit & flare, asymmetrical as well as cocoon — resulting in key looks from the collection for the likes of a tawny trench coat paired with rope-piping wide legged pants and a deep v-neck lace evening gown with a cape to embrace the winds of winter.
Fabrics & Colors
Lace both cotton and synthetic are still one of the most prominent fabrics that made up this collection. Accompanying by an abundance of materials from sophisticated satin polyester and silk chiffon as well as a signature textile that features fabric tucks technique that has been developed exclusively this season.
The color palette selection has contemplated on being season-appropriate — hereby basic palettes like white, black, cream, navy in company with light hues such as rose blush, ecru, and pistachio and also dark hues such as tawny, mignonette green and silver are chosen to depict the creations from ‘The Eye has to Travel’ collection with great finesse.
Techniques & Details
Draping and rope piping has been manifested within the collection to prolong the brand’s signature techniques as well as embracing the collection’s intentions effortlessly. By further drawing components of winter outerwear to modernize ready-to-wear pieces has led to details like trench coat pockets that has been incorporated onto cocktail dresses and skirts or a garnish of mundane features like bows, knots, lace trimmings or slashes. These constant details has brought about a quintessence grace and sophistication to the Autumn/Winter 16-17 collection from Asava.